Thursday, December 04, 2008

temporary failure to conform

As the majority of my customers at Chili's are older folks or families, it's always nice to have a modded bunch to serve. I know that looks can be deceiving, but I've found that most modders I meet often share at least some basic views of mine and are a pleasure to chat with. Enter an adorable couple at table 93, Dnash and his lovely Icelandic lady, Aggatho. They're both wearing matching crocheted beanies (which I later found out were made by Agga herself) that have little apple stems poking out the top, and sit next to one another rather than on opposite sides of the booth they occupied. Luckily I'm allowed to wear my 3/4" plugs to work, and they acted as the perfect little ice breaker to get us into talking about mods. Agga sported a pair of cute red plugs, an eyebrow barbell, and a nostril ring, while Dnash was adorned only with his mass of facial hair (although after spotting a sparkle up mah nose told me that he previously wore a septum ring too). After talking for a few Dnash handed me his business card, saying that he makes vampire fangs for a living. I was, of course, enthralled to hear this, as fangs are a rarely seen but really effing cool mod in my opinion. Although the option is certainly available to get one's teeth filed into a point, it's a painful and permanent procedure that I would imagine is regretted more often than not. Biting my tongue is painful enough as it is! Ouch... Dnash's creations provide a great solution for those interested in vamping (ha) up their look, but only part-time. As I inquired further about the fangs Agga pulled out what looked like a pill case, and within seconds had slipped two tooth-colored caps onto her canines. I was amazed at how flawless they looked! If I had encountered her with the fang-sthestics already in I definitely would have assumed them to be her real teeth. And, to be honest, they also looked pretty hot! Although I'm not into the whole vampire aesthetic/subculture, I've actually been considering getting a pair ever since our meeting!
In any case, the encounter got me thinking about all the temporary mods out there, and how they allow people to maintain a professional appearance when necessary, like in the workplace and at family gatherings (depending on your family, of course), but also be able to satisfy the desire to modify one's body when alone or in the company of more open-minded folk. There are a few categories of temporary body mods, including those related to particular subcultures (fangs, corsetry/tightlacing, ear pointing - real, faux), mainstream mods gone funky (crazy contact lenses 1, 2, extreme hair color, elaborate nails, artsy makeup 1, 2), special occasion or extreme mods (body painting/airbrushing, play piercing, saline injection), and kiddie mods (henna, temporary tats, magnetic earrings). I love that there are so many options to customize, decorate, and alter one's body without having to make a permanent commitment. Although permanent mods certainly hold a value all their own, temporary mods allow for individuals to get to know their body better, to remove themselves from their prim and proper everyday appearance (and, perhaps, state of mind), and to fulfill their instinctual desire to mod without fear of repercussions from what may be a not-so-mod-friendly community. Plus it's just really fun. I mean, imagine smiling at your local bank teller while sporting a set of Dnash's pearlies. Good for a double-take, that's for sure :o)
Whether they're done alone as explorations of the body or done in order to achieve a temporarily different look, non-permanent mods offer all the fun of body modification without the various anxieties that sometimes accompany it. So, what's your poison?

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