Thursday, December 25, 2008

it pays to be inked

Hey all! Merry Christmas if you celebrate that kinda thing :o) Since my family does, and are currently trying to rip me away from my MacBook to join in the festivities, I'm gonna have to make this short. Not a problem though, as all I really have to say is that if you're tatted with any kind of Asian-inspired imagery, you can submit a photo of your mods to a contest run by TY KU liquor. Just fill out the form provided, attach a photo of your tat, and presto, you'll be entered to win a party thrown in your honor at the tattoo shop of your choice as well as a TY KU gift package. Never tried the stuff myself, but it's endorsed by the ladies of Missbehave magazine which, from my experience, is definitely a good sign. The deadline is January 30th, so you still have plenty of time to enter, but make sure to get in there if you qualify! It's worth a shot, and if you win your tat will be displayed in the next TY KU ad. Mods and liquor. Yum. Enjoy the holidays all!

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PrestoErnesto said...

I know I'm awesomely behind this contest...but I've seen TY KU around...any idea who won???