Sunday, December 10, 2006

Me want mods.

Well, it's currently 1:00 am, less than 20 days from my birthday, and I'm hours away from a long winter break. But my mind is, out of necessity, filled with thoughts of my only scheduled exam and the 10-page paper for my medieval literature course that I HOPE to have finished by this Tuesday morning. My alarm is set for 7:00 am...Sunday. Sunday = sleep day for much of my generation. But I won't be doing anything of the sort.
I scope out Modblog one last time before snuggling up with my passed out Boston terrier, and of course I begin to think about my plans for future mods. I notice that a weight has been lifted.
Why are mods so fulfilling? Why do they make me feel like I graduated high school, won the lottery, and fell in love, all in one day? The power of mods...
I need to get a (winter) job, get cash, get modded. ASAP.
But more urgently, I need to get some sleep.