Tuesday, March 06, 2007

nice chestpiece

We all have our addictions. Some people live on coffee, others can't go without their Blackberry. Personally, I'm stuck on eBay, which I see as basically the biggest, best online flea market ever. I've purchased everything from snowboard bindings to scarves to my very own 2001 gold Honda Civic on eBay, and there always seems to be something I'm looking for.
Recently I was surfing around the 'Bay and came upon a seller who creates her own tattoo-themed necklaces. They are all literally handpainted and handcrafted, some with customizable banners. The detail in these things is insane! Unfortunately, the auctions for the particular necklaces shown here have ended, but I trust she'll be featuring some new items soon enough. Fellow eBayers, put her in your Favorite sellers and get an e-mail notification sent when she does list new goodies! And at $15-$19 a pop, you might have trouble keeping your mouse pointer away from that "Place Bid" button. Happy Bidding!

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emily said...

hey!! this is "artallnight" from ebay, those words were so encouraging, thank you so very much. your kind words really make what i do worth doing! thank you and keep checking back for items! i also have a site WWW.FASTERTHANYOU.NET

check it out!
thanks again, you're so sweet,