Sunday, February 05, 2006


I was working in my dorm room last night with the television on as background noise when a news update happened to catch my attention. Police had been searching diligently for the New Bedford resident that I mentioned in yesterday's post, who fled MA after his brutal attack earlier this week on 3 gay bar patrons. Unfortunately, rather than yielding relief and closure at the teen's arrest, the ending of this story disturbed me even more so than the beginning. The assailant was reportedly recognized by an officer at a traffic stop 1,500 hundred miles from the location of the original incident. Upon being approached by this Gassville, AK officer, the criminal shot and killed him. Shortly after, a shootout occurred between officers and the teen in which both he and his passenger, a West Virginia woman, were fatally injured.
Okay, let me get this straight. Some Nazi-worshipping teen just sliced up and shot 3 men in a hate crime attack, then killed an innocent police officer, and lost his own life and that of a woman who was in his car. To top it all off, he was a tattooed individual donning the tainted swastika symbol. This disturbed teen has simultaneously contributed to the belief that tattoos=delinquincy and helped to preserve misinformed attitudes regarding the swastika symbol. In wondering if Man Woman was aware of this story, I decided to e-mail him some information on it.
With this recent development at hand, I once again urge my readers to reverse the hate, and rectify incorrect beliefs. Word of mouth spreads quickly, so don't ever assume that your actions don't matter.

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