Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Pain CAN be fun

So the past few entries I've posted have been a bit...scholarly. Which is why I thought it would be helpful to mention that I'm writing this blog primarily for my personal interest in body modification, but also because it's counting as part of my independent study course this semester. Not that you should care or anything, but I just wanted everyone to know why I've been so formal in my first entries. BUT! after meeting with my professor and discussing the posts I've made so far, I think that I can loosen up a bit and have some more fun with this blog. SO! be prepared for some new and improved posts starting weds. - you will not be disappointed, trust me.
Oh, and by the way, has anyone actually drawn a swastika on their skin as I recommended? I did today, and got quite a few odd looks, but no one has approached me about it yet. I think I'm going to re-draw it every day until I get to have at least a few conversations about it - either that or until I get jumped by a clan of kids from my school's Hillel chapter. Night everyone, and be sure to check back tomorrow for some interesting tidbits.

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