Tuesday, November 11, 2008

the internet <3's modding

So, I'm a chronic time-waster. If I'm working a double I'll come home for the 2-3 hour break and probbbably spend the majority of it in front of a computer. Actually, that's exactly what I'm doing right now :o) In addition to blogging I love finding new tunes to check out, perusing eBay, and, of course, spending a good chunk of time seeing what friends have been up to through Facebook. But I think out of all my time spent on the internet the majority goes to reading blogs. Of course I read Modblog (which, by the way, after having gotten shitty post-Shannon has finally started to shape up again), but I also love techy blogs like BoingBoing and Wired. Both boast brilliant posts that never fail to turn me onto the most intriguing stories, photos, places, gadgets etc. etc. EVER. I could probably spend an entire day reading their archives, and in doing so totally accumulate enough conversation starters to last a year.
Considering that these blogs cover all things awesome, it's no surprise that both feature mod-related stories from time to time. The most recent one I encountered is a photo gallery of tattoos related to bicycling that I found on Wired. Just goes to show that for every hobby, occupation, or special interest there are people who feel the need to literally embody their passion. Even people who love chairs!! Wired has also featured galleries of geek and comic tattoos in the past, always with accompanying explanations of the tattoo's significance for the wearer. They may not always showcase the most intricate or well-crafted tats, but the message comes through: tattoos are a unique way of celebrating what you value in life.
So, I've been watching a lot of Japanorama recently, which means you'll be getting a whole slew of blogs coming up that are about Japan in some capacity. For now, just a little thought. Japanese youngsters often belong to different Zoku, or clans. How one dresses depends on the clan with which one associates - or rather, one associates with the clan one wants to dress like! Some dress up like anime characters, others don a fake-baked, bleach blonde California girl/guy look (the Ganguro/Ganguras). Anything goes in the realm of Japanese fashion, that is, except the mixing of styles - you stick with your chosen style and quintessentially exemplify that style in every outfit. A lolita would not rock a facial piercing. On the other hand, for most Westerners mods need not dictate or accord with the rest of one's look. Nose studs and tattoos can be found on girls who only wear luxury duds. College professors have gauged earlobes. Macho dudes rock nipple rings. Mods blend seamlessly into almost any pre-existing Western style. What changes, for us, is the type of mod. Our individuality is expressed through our choice of what kind of mod to acquire, not what clothing style to adhere to. Seen this way mods are much different for Westerners than for the Japanese. Mods are, in our case, an individualistic statement of one's unique personality vs., for members of a particular Zoku, one ingredient of a cookie-cutter style. Not to mention that very few Japanese retain their mods into adulthood...but that's for the next post. Thanks for tuning in, folks. Keep in touch, eh?

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