Saturday, April 07, 2007

rules schmules

There are basic social rules that we all live by. These rules can include anything from holding a door for someone entering a building behind you to not burping loudly in public.
However, under the right circumstances, certain people are excused from some of the rules of life. For example, only a child can stare down a Hell’s Angel on the subway and receive a smile in return. Or consider male wrestlers. They are the only straight guys who can wear spandex and roll around caressing each other without it being considered fruity.
So what about us modders? Despite all of the restrictions on us (tattooing bans, heavy modding laws, job-hunting troubles anyone?), do we still have special privileges in the world to call our own? I’ve been taking notes, and it seems that we certainly do!
1) Only modders can strip in public to show off a hidden tattoo.

2) Only modders can pick their noses in public if their septum piercing needs adjusting.
3) Only modders can tell graphic stories to strangers who ask about their unusual mods or scars and have it not be inappropriate.

4) Only modders can explain their life motto to everyone they come in contact with (without saying a word).
5) Only modders can use Listerine or apply Aquaphor every hour without seeming narcissistic.

6) Only modders can hang their bodies from flesh hooks without being considered insane (well at least by most people).

7) Only modders can turn a wound into something beautiful and meaningful.

See! We’re speeeecial. So next time you feel jealous of the little boy doing backbends in the middle of the mall food court, you can whip out one of your mods, lean over to the nearest table, and proudly inquire “Does this look infected to you?”

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