Thursday, June 22, 2006

Let there be light!

Last week wasn't going all that great for me. Nothing particularly distressing happened, but I think the realization that I STILL have no job was beginning to set in. Rather than letting my friends take me out for a night on the town (or in the case of myself and my friends, a day of hiking among gorgeous scenery) to cheer me up, I decided to acquire yet another mod. After re-piercing my corset, I figured that my raging desire for mods would be quelled for at least a few months. After all, 8 piercings positioned in a quite un-easily accesible area of one's body aren't cake to take care of, nor do they heal quickly (if at all). But I absolutely could not resist getting my septum pierced after coming to find out that a friend of mine had had it pierced without my ever knowing. She kept the ring "flipped up" in her nostrils the majority of the time, only taking it out when she felt like it. An optional piercing?!?!?! I was flooded with envy upon contemplating the utter coolness of it. I had thought about getting my septum done before, but the jewelry I saw most people wearing for it was, in my opinion, hideous. I dont like full CBRs or retainers, but once I saw the tiny dual-balled ring that my friend was wearing, I coulnd't resist.

Flipped down on the train to NYC

I think what attracted me most to the septum piercing is how it reminds me of the cyberpunk notion of human/computer hybrids. I know that flipping my septum ring out into public view does nothing more than slightly alter my appearance, but I feel that it is much like flipping a switch or activating some function on a computer. With one move, I can change my face from sweet and innocent to...well...not so sweet and innocent. The friend I mentioned earler actually told me a funny fact about her septum piercing. According to her, she gets hit on quite a bit while walking around her college campus in New Haven, CT. The majority of...OK, more like ALL of...these offers and comments were unwelcomed, so she began to flip down her normally hidden septum when on campus. Well, it worked! I don't know if this is because many people find septum piercings unattractive, or perhaps because such a piercing does look kinda "hardcore," but she successfuly avoided contact with the male gender for the remainder of the semester. Nice.

Flipped up when picking strawberries @ the local farm

Another pro concering my new metal is that I can easily hide it from my parents! Unless my mother decides to ensure that my nose is being kept clean, I should be able to keep this my little secret for years to come. Woohoo! On that subject, I'll update y'all on my parental situation in saying that I just don't care anymore. A friend shocked some sense into me yesterday when he saw that I had just spent 2 hours straight looking at pictures of tattoos. He basically yelled at me for allowing someone else to interfere with one of the most important elements of my life. Body modification is wonderous in my eyes, so the promise not to acquire any permanent mods (i.e. tattoos, scars) for another two years has pretty much gone down the shitter. I believe that I'm extremely level-headed, and I have already come to terms with the fact that I might not always appreciate my mods as I do now. But the memories. The memories on my skin. They will live on forever, and tell stories to everyone I meet. I'm getting butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. SO! Enough rambling on my part. I apologize for my summer slacking, but I promise to be posting more often beginning next week when my boyfriend crosses the sea to China for 7 weeks. Ciao!

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