Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A little update

The lovely Rebekah at recently did a review of my blog that you can view here. I'm so honored to have been recognized by one of my daily reads! Also, I'm happy to report that my trip to New Zealand to study the Maori art of ta moko has been confirmed and I'm making reservations this weekend! It promises to be an incredible experience, and will definitely give me tons to blog about. The final tidbit I want to report is that I have recently gotten in contact with Blair of Toronto's Passage Tattoo and Piercing, and we have made arrangements for him to perform a cutting on me during his guest appearance at Pure Body Arts this May. I'm currently working on finding the perfect design, a process which has served to substantially enhance my anticipation of the procedure. I plan to grace my ribs with a few calla lilies, so if anyone happens to find a nice design feel free to send me the link!

Oh yea...and I dyed my hair...

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Anonymous said...

So, the dyed hair brought a question to mind:

How broadly are you interpretting the concept of body modification?

I've been starting to read here, and you seem to be addressing the stuff that, say, BME is interested in as body mod. It seems, though, like the definition might be wider.

Plastic surgery, hair-dyeing and working out are all activities undertaken to bring our internal wishes for the body into line with external appearances. Do you feel like these should be addressed as body mod?