Saturday, March 11, 2006

Out of body experience

I've recently been prompted to discover what it is about body modifcation that appeals to me. I have already established that mods are important to me for a number of commonly heard reasons, but now it's time to ask myself (and perhaps time to ask the same of yourselves?) what it is about my personality and experience that has contributed to my love of body modifcation. The road to discovering the truth about my passion seems a bit unnerving, but there are a few shortcuts along the way which I will discuss in the next few posts. Hope you enjoy, and perhaps ask yourselves some of the same questions I will be asking myself. Who knows, you might find out something about yourself, even if you aren't modified.
I have recently realized that in becoming conscious of my mods I become aware that I have a body. One who is modified is much better equipped to experience varying degrees of consciousness on demand. In having one's body poked and tended to, one becomes very aware that the body is something that we have control over and can change as desired. I think that this quality of modification is part of the reason why every mod process is/can be a spiritual experience. Every new mod is another way to transcend the barrier between the everyday sense of being a body and the occasional sense of having a body that you are in control of. Do you see? Ponder that a bit, and try to recognize how incredible the concept of body modification is. Who picked up a sharp stick one day and said "Hey, I think I'll shove this through my earlobe." Well, no one, because that definitely wasn't the vernacular of the time, but you get the idea.


Anonymous said...

No. But it i fascinating what people do to there bodies and the excuses they come up with for doing those things.

Since the 90's I've seen and read many types of experiences of people uglifying their bodies. I have yet to read an experience by someone I think is intelligent, confident, and emotionally sound.

The people doing this are obsessed and in denial of how ridiculous their actions are.

Chip Emrich said...

Wow, you seem to have acquired a troll. Sounds like the same guy from earlier. (Dunno why, but they sound male to me) It's nice to hear the other side of the debate on body mod, actually, but I really wish you could've gotten a more articulate person to do it. He doesn't give much content, just insult the practice of modification. Again, I wonder how wide his definition of the things we do to "uglify" ourselves is.

The one thing I come close to agreeing with is the "you people are obsessed" accusation. Ever since I first finally got the courage up to go get pierced, I've been on a downhill slide towards serious mod-obsession. Furthermore, I've known other people who've gone the same way.

I view the obsession (if it even is such) as a healthy one, though.

As for why I'm interest in modification, I could talk at some length but would rather have a discussion instead.